A warm welcome from the MLD4Kids.co.za team!

MLD4Kids is an online community platform and business directory for businesses operating in the kids industry. It's a place where Parents can connect with businesses in their local vicinity, businesses that are trusted by other parents, businesses with an excellent service history and a professional code of ethics, who knows what parents need best.

These are some of the fundamental ingredients which MLD4Kids have mixed together to build a platform that could benefit both sides of a business relationship.

For business owners, we have a feature-rich toy bag that is equipped with great marketing toys with which business owners can get the maximum exposure for their products and services. What is even more indulging is that most of the marketing toys can be self-managed, which allows you the be really flexible in how you want to run your advertising campaigns. 

For Parents, and kids, we have fabulous bag of goodies for you as well! For instance, let’s pretend it’s a month away from your little one’s birthday. Your only problem is that you don’t have a venue yet and you also not sure how much to budget really. We say “Don’t Worry”, by using our quoting feature, you just create a project, post it, and have owners of venues quote on it through our platform. It is as easy as 1-2-3, is 100% anonymous, and you decide who you want to award the project to, based on their profile portfolio, their ratings, their project estimate etc. And the best part of it all, it’s absolutely free!