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Since we can remember Mothers have carried babies close to their bodies; not only to leave their hands free for the multi-tasking all Mothers perform, but because research has shown that babies are happier in close body contact with their caregivers. Understanding the needs of both Mother and child, African Baby Carriers offers a range of carriers that are designed to be ergonomically healthy for the adult, and support the healthy physical development of the child. African Baby Carriers are made using Denim and Hemp materials for their superior durability, fabrics that respond to climate by being cool in Summer and warm in Winter, with our design providing strong support for the correct development of the child’s spine and hips. A hood specially designed offers 100% support for the child’s head while sleeping. There is a carrier in our range to suit your particular needs and budget. “I came from the perfect world in your tummy where I floated in calm rhythm with the gentle sway of your walk, the soft melody of your voice – my favourite song. And once I entered this world I wanted to be as close to you as possible, to feel your warmth and love and comfort.”


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African Baby Carrier
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