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The logo represents the journey of a pregnant woman from her pregnancy through to her baby’s arrival. This symbolizes “the journey is in every moment” - capturing the moments from bump to baby… The woman figure with her choice of clothing do present a “fit feel” representing a “fit and healthy mommy = a fit and healthy pregnancy / baby" Green & Pink Green shade represents “new life”. Green is the colour of nature. It symbolizes growth, freshness and fertility, it has a strong emotional correspondence with safety (the womb as protection for the baby) Green symbolizes self-respect and well being. It is the colour of balance. Balance between body, mind and soul. It also means learning and harmony. (Learning to be a mommy and to be in harmony with your body and baby) Pink is considered a colour of good health and life - we speak of people being "in the pink" or the "freshness" of a newborn baby. Pink provides feelings of caring, tenderness, self-worth and acceptance.(Just as a mother would have for her baby.) Lastly, pink is symbolic for pure LOVE.


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Kwazulu Natal

La Lucia Umhlanga


Baby 2 Be & Beyond
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