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BUDDY BEAR, a South African Franchise is a unique concept where children create their own bear, through a progression of simple steps. These include: Choosing the bear or animal skin, (creature without stuffing) Stuffing the bear or animal on our locally produced stuffing machines. SET THE PARTY BUDGET Decide how much you want to spend on the bear party. Choose how many friends you wish to invite. Divide the total by the number of friends. This amount will give you the total which can be spent on each bear / animal. BEFORE THE PARTY Set the date, time and place of the party. Choose the friends you wish to invite to the party. Complete and send the party invitations to your friends CHOOSE Visit the Buddy Bear website, and choose your bears/ animals / voice modules and clothing for the party. Visit your closest Buddy Bear store, and select the items you require for the party. Call Buddy Bear Head Office (031 764 2196 & 031 764 2383) to check for “special offers” ,“out of stock items” or “new arrivals”. Place your order with the store directly or with Head Office, and arrange payment. DISPATCH If the order is placed in a Buddy Bear store, then visit the store to collect the goods. Should you require delivery, contact Head Office, place your order and we will dispatch your goods directly to you. The Head Office is located in Gillitts, (5 Churchill Road, Winston Park) and we would be delighted to meet you and personally assist you with your selection in our bear factory. FOR YOUR PARTY: YOU WILL NEED: Bear or animal skins (refers to a bear or animal which has no stuffing). Bear stuffing Hearts, (blue / white) Birth Certificates (it is possible to print them off the website) NICE TO HAVE: Talcum powder (any type) Hair brush Voice module Clothing Towel drying rack, (suitable for hanging clothing.) Scale (kitchen size) Ruler or growth chart(long enough to measure your bear or animal) to record on the Birth Certificate SETTING THE SCENE Place a blanket and cushions on the floor for the children to sit on. A small table should be placed nearby with the birth certificates, pens, ruler and small kitchen scale. Another table should have the talcum powder and brush – grooming table. If Voice Modules have been ordered, place them in a small box nearby. Red satin hearts should be in a small wicker basket or other receptacle. Suitable age appropriate music should be playing. Pile the bears and stuffing in the middle of the blanket on the floor. Fold boxes into shape and place nearby. WHEN THE GUESTS HAVE ARRIVED STEP 1: CHOOSE Seat all guests on the floor in a circle around the stuffing and encourage them to make a selection from the bears and animals in the pile. STEP 2: GIVE ME A VOICE Once all guests have made their choice, offer the “voice module” box around and let the children select a voice module from the sounds available. Take the voice module and show the children to open the back of their bear skin, and push the voice module securely into the hand of their bear or animal. STEP 3: ADD A HEART Each person should choose a heart from the basket and pass around. MAKE A WISH….. With the heart pressed between the palms of your hands, rub gently whilst making a wish. KEEP YOUR EYES FIRMLY CLOSED! Once complete, place the heart into the bear through the opening at the back. STEP 4: STUFF A LITTLE – STUFF A LOT Using the stuffing in the centre of the circle, children should use their hands to insert it through the opening at the back of the bear, starting from the paws, then going on to stuff the head, and finally the stomach cavity. Once the right amount of huggability is achieved, seal the drawstring bag and secure the Velcro. STEP 5: WEIGH ME – MEASURE ME – NAME ME It’s time now to move to the table where the kitchen scale, ruler and birth certificates are located. Depending on the age of the children, some groups may be able to complete this task without assistance. The bear should be placed on the scale, and the weight should be recorded on the birth certificate, followed by the height of the bear, colour of fur and eyes. Complete the birth certificate by recording the place and date of birth, and finally, (this process can be lengthy!) – choose a suitable name for the bear. STEP 6: BEAR SPA Brush, powder and beautify your new best friend – this pamper session can include a bear massage. STEP 7: DRESS ME From the selection of clothing on the rack, choose suitable attire for your bear, and dress him/ her. STEP 8: HOME TIME Place your bear and birth certificate into the box and clip together the handle. REMEMBER: open the box windows and doors to allow sufficient ventilation for your new “best friend” to breath.


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