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Cape Diver was founded by Roland Bachmann, who started his SCUBA diving career in Lake Lucerne, Switzerland in 2005. He did his PADI Divemaster and Instructor’s course with ProDive in Hergiswil in 2007 and has since travelled to some fantastic dive destinations such as Thailand, Mexico, Malta, Spain and Egypt. He has logged over 4000 dives around the world and has been based in beautiful Cape Town for 4 years. There are a huge variety of dive sites in Cape Town, from shallow shore entries with beautiful kelp forests to deeper wreck and reef dives. Many divers are drawn to diving in Cape Town to see Seven Gill Cowsharks and these can be enjoyed year-round, as well as several other pelagic and reef shark species. Snorkelling or scuba diving with Cape Fur Seals is another hugely popular choice. n summer we dive Cape Town on the Atlantic Ocean side mostly and with an average summer surface temperature of 10° to 13°C, it can get quite chilly. The bottom temperature may be a few degrees colder. Minimum temperature is about 7°C and maximum about 17°C. In the winter months, we dive in False Bay which is part of the Indian Ocean and average winter surface temperature of False Bay is approximately 15°C. Average summer surface temperature of False Bay is approximately 19°C. The prevailing wind in summer is the South-easterly which blow offshore and along the coast on the west side of the Cape Peninsula and the east side of False Bay causing a movement of surface water northwards along the coast and offshore to the west of the coast. This movement of water away from the coast is compensated by the upwelling of deeper water. These upwellings are of considerable interest to the diver, as the upwelled water is generally cold and relatively clear. There are a wide range of marine animals which one may see while diving this region, and they include some of the most awesome and spectacular encounters possible for a diver.


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