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Lillian’s art is defined by her deeply rooted love for creativity, her jovial personality and personal life. Lillian translates her own understanding of relationships and identity into her work. She draws inspiration from personal emotions, stories and encounters while incorporating on aesthetic precedent. Her work is clearly focused on a story or dialogue between the figurative and expressive abstract. Raised in the rural West Coast what has now known a small town called Jacobsbaai, Lillian was exposed to the outdoors and nature. Her surroundings played a central role in Lillian’s upbringing. The lack of electricity and remote setting of the town forced her and her siblings to seek alternative means of entertainment and activities. This cultivated a fast imagination and love for creativity in Lillian. She could draw before she could write, and always had her sketchbook handy. At the age of 9 Lillian started painting on glass and selling it at local curio stores. At 10 she sold her first artworks at an Eisteddfod to one of the judges. At 19 Lillian had her first solo exhibition as the ATKV’s Regional Artist of the year in the West Coast. It was however only in late 2011 that Lillian was exposed to oil painting as a medium. This soon became her preferred medium as she was finding her own artistic identity. Her paintings start with abstract lines in dark pure pigments and are then overlayed with swaths of colour that starts forming the layers for the final image. She only uses quality paints and pigments, such as Winton & Winsor Newton’s Artist Range, on high-quality natural canvases. This allows all works to outlive her and increase with value over time. Lillian photographs and sources her visual references herself and often uses anonymous models – creating a truly original image. Her subject matter is consistent with re-occurring themes such as the ‘creating rest’, ‘the marriage bed’ and portrait studies questioning identity. Her own face quite simply acts as an easy live reference for experimentation with colour, line and technique. Today Lillian’s art draws inspiration from Irma Stern, Toulouse-Lautrec and Lucian Freud. Her most loved movements are German Expressionism and Impressionism. Based in Paulshof, Gauteng, Lillian’s process as an artist remain adaptive, inventive and engaging. She continues to learn and develop her expressive technique. Her dream is to inspire and captivate minds of art novices and experts around the world – sharing emotions and moments people often fear to engage with.


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Lillian Gray Fine Artist
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