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MILK stands for Motivate Inspire Love and Kare ,A message MILK as a company is trying to spread through their products. As parents our lives often become so hectic that we forget or dont have time to motivate inspire love and Kare for our children. The MILK range of products founded By Sean Carstens aims to bring that message back to Parents. MILK is owner run and managed by Brad and Tiziana Soekoe and can now be found all over South Africa .MILK is a premium brand of baby products designed and manufactured in South Africa. No effort was spared to make MILK products the premium baby and child care brand .Every single ingredient is from top suppliers and exhaustive testing on all ingredients was done by Swift Micro laboratories, Ecocert (Care Chemicals), C-Tec South Africa and renowned dermatologist Dr Hardie A de Beer. There are so many things that make MILK products better than the rest ,here are 4 examples 1) MILK Baby and Kids wash contains no sodium Lauryl sulphate which is an ingredient in things such as sunlight liquid, this dries the skin and hair instead of treating it. Most if not all other baby washes have this ingredient in them. MILK washes contains sodium lauryl glucoside which enhances the look and feel of hair, softening and enhancing it. 2) MILK bum paste contains the highest content of medical grade lanolin(15%) which is what gives it the amazing healing powers it has. It also contains natural bee's wax which is a natural barrier for the skin 3) MILK Hydrating cream is the only Hydrating cream on the Market with Defensil in. This is an active cosmetic ingredient which protects the skin barrier and has an anti inflammatory effect 4) MILK baby oil contains vitamin E which increases the moisturisation and enzyme activity of the skin while also having anti inflammatory properties The following items are part of the MILK range Baby Hair and Body wash 1000ml 500ml and 250ml Kids Hair and Body wash 1000ml 500ml and 250ml Bum Paste 250ml Bum spray 250ml and 100ml Hydrating cream fragranced and fragrance free 250ml Milk Baby oil 100ml Milk Body Lotion 250ml were done by Swift Microlaboratories, Ecocert (Care Chemicals), C-Tec South Africa and renowned dermatologist Dr Hardie A de Beer.


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